How to Schedule an Appointment

For Emory College Students (Only)

Emory College students can reserve a time to meet with a Career Coach at any time. Please read the following to learn more about Scheduling an appointment with our office.

Table of Contents

  1. Scheduling Guidelines
  2. Appointment Expectations
  3. Ways to Schedule
  4. Instructions to Self-Schedule an Appointment


1) Scheduling Guidelines

  • Appointment times listed on Handshake are a reflection of each coaches availability.
  • Students should select times and dates that do not conflict with a class or other appointments.
  • Student appointments are 1 hour (60 minutes) in duration.
  • Self-scheduling through Handshake is available 24 hours a day.
  • Students can schedule an appointment up to 8 hours before the selected time. If the available time is less than 8 hours away, students will not be able to register.

Important Note Regarding Timezones: The Emory Career Center is aware of the varied nature in which our students will be attending campus this Fall. With students all across the globe trying to gain access to the services at Emory, we have decided to move to a self-scheduling system to allow students flexibility in connecting with our office.

Students are encouraged to select their preferred times via the Appointment Scheduler in Handshake.

Please note, appointment times listed within Handshake are displayed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

If for any reason you are not able to find a time that works for your schedule, please contact our office by phone (404) 727 – 6211 or by email

Arriving on Time: Appointments are important to both students and coaches. In order to ensure that each student receives the right amount of time to be seen by our staff, it is very important that you keep your scheduled appointment with us, and arrive on time. If your schedule changes, please notify our office to reschedule.

Cancellations: We request that you cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. This gives us the opportunity to make your slot available to other students. You may cancel by phone or online in Handshake.

3) Ways to Schedule Appointments

4) Instructions to Self-Schedule an Appointment

1. Log in to Handshake

2. Click on Career Center in the top right corner of your screen and click on Appointments.

3. Click in the blue box to Schedule a New Appointment.

4. Choose your desired Industry Cluster, then choose your desired Industry area.


5. You will see a list of available appointment dates and times.

6. Once you select a time that works for you, you’ll be asked to enter details in the What can we help you with? field. Make sure to include details your advisor can use to help you prepare, such as a specific job posting, company, or graduate program, if applicable.

7. Then click REQUEST.


Appointment Confirmations

Your appointment can be confirmed in three different ways –

  1. An email confirmation (make sure you are set to receive email notifications about Appointments in the Notifications section of your profile)
  2. Handshake notification, located at your account icon in the top right corner (make sure you are set to receive account notifications about Appointments in the Notifications section of your profile)
  3. Return to the Appointments section under Career Center to view a list of your upcoming and past appointments